Marc is an integral member of the YNPN Boston board and an outstanding colleague. He has the unique ability to see the strategic benefits of technology and to then create the buy-in and understanding necessary to implement IT innovations to meet those strategic goals. He has helped to create the structure and systems which has helped grow YNPN Boston.

Danielle Holly
Young Nonprofit Professionals Network | Boston
Although I am not an IT person, I was asked to manage IT for nearly two years. Thanks to Marc’s help, we were able to launch a number of new initiatives and make significant progress while building support for a larger IT function at Root Capital. Marc is a pleasure to work with – thoughtful, helpful and fun. Thanks Marc!

Jen Stine
Root Capital
Marc has a deep knowledge and understanding of Salesforce from a set-up, customization and usability standpoint. He was extremely personable and fun to work with, all while teaching me throughout the process. Interise now has an effective training tool for its CRM (Salesforce) tool.

Brandon Mastrangelo
Marc was a pleasure to work with. After learning about our organization, he was quickly able to help us integrate changes we wanted made to our Salesforce.com platform as well as introduce best practices to make our use of the system even better. Best of all, Marc was able to communicate everything he was doing in a way which allowed us to gain a greater knowledge of our system, making us more self-sufficient in the future. Marc did everything that was asked of him and more!! I would recommend Marc for any nonprofit looking to gain a better understanding of their IT systems.

Dan Pelberg
The Alosa Foundation
We hired Marc to make changes to our Salesforce.com platform and provide ongoing troubleshooting. Unlike other consultants that we've worked with, Marc made it a point to come into our office to meet us, discuss our needs in person, and then walk us through all of the necessary changes. He is an excellent teacher, and took the time to explain each step so that we would feel comfortable working with the updated platform ourselves in the future. Marc also exceeded the project expectations by suggesting new ways to make our platform more effective and user friendly. Although we had hired him to help specifically with Salesforce, Marc let us know about other programs we could use to address other issues we were having. For example, during some downtime at one of our meetings, he showed us some additional features of Google Apps that we were unaware of and not utilizing at the time. I highly recommend Marc to any nonprofit looking to get the most out of Salesforce.com and their use of IT in general.

Allison Earon
The Alosa Foundation