We hired Marc for a short consulting project in which we wanted to explore and sketch out different scenarios for implementing a new cloud computing/MIS system. Marc was a pleasure to work with: knowledgeable about both information technology and nonprofit organizations, generous with his expertise, and very honest about the areas in which he had deep expertise and those in which he did not. He asks good questions and is very flexible in adapting his work to the needs of clients. We are very satisfied with the end product of our work together.

Ed Liu
Boston Plan for Excellence
As the Interim IT Director of Tides Family Services I engaged Marc Baizman to help us implement Google Apps. Marc very efficiently and effectively guided us through the implementation process giving us the confidence to migrate critical business applications (email/calendar/intranet) without putting our agency’s mission at risk. Marc is exceptionally competent and easy to work with. I highly recommend Marc!

James McArdle
Tides Family Services
Our small organization has always collected data, but until we worked with Marc Baizman we had no mechanism or unified structure with which to house it, examine it or report it out.  Marc made what could have been a complicated and dry process one that was accessible, thoughtful and very efficient.  As “My Computer Guy”, he was able to guide us without ever missing an opportunity to build our own knowledge base and ownership of the eventual product.  He’s left us excited about continuing to use our new Salesforce data system to build this part of our organizational work.

Janet Selcer
Steps to Success
Marc is extremely helpful and encouraging.  I am “the” technology expert in my small office and I was stuck on a few things.  He served as a coach, and helped me upgrade and add software and offered a lot of education and networking advice.  I would happily work with Marc again.

Alexandra Plotkin
Parmenter Community Healthcare
Marc is an incredible and knowledgeable consultant! We hired Marc to help our small nonprofit make the switch from a desktop based folder system to a cloud file server system. Our team had very little knowledge of this type of technology and he was able to easily help us understand the benefits and many different options. Marc was extremely timely, organized and patient from start to finish. His presentations were always easy to follow and he made sure that we actually understood all of the material – Marc is a great teacher and guides you through problem solving rather than solving it himself. He could answer every question we had and ended up helping us make the best choice possible for our organization. I would highly recommend him!

Julie Babyatzky
Greenlight Fund
Marc is a salesforce.com guru! He was able to help meet us where we are at and support us to map clear plans for cleaning up our data and developing processes for more advanced use of the software. We were able to then create clear workplans for what we needed to do internally to move us to the next phase of salesforce use. Marc is really easy to work with, thoughtful, patient and good at mapping a flow, picture or explain terminology in a way that helps connect the dots and support our own learning. If you need support with Salesforce and want someone who understands nonprofits, Marc is a smart choice for a consultant!

Jodi Rosenbaum
More Than Words
Marc worked with our non-profit to provide a Salesforce implementation that fit our database needs and our (small) budget. He gave us a detailed timeline for the project and even kept us on schedule! Our database is a great fit for us! Thanks, Marc!

Brianna Whitney
Brookline Arts Center
Marc possesses the perfect combination of interpersonal skills and technical knowledge. One of Marc’s greatest assets is his ability to understand and apply business processes to inform technology rather than the other way around. To this end, he was able to use technology to enhance, rather than dictate, Root Cause’s business practices such as our fundraising/business development. In addition, Marc has an exceptional ability to translate and make accessible technology to less technical people in a way that is comfortable and approachable. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, Marc has cutting edge insights in how to use the most innovative technologies within the context of a long term approach to system implementation to accommodate both current and future needs.

Emily Silberstein
Root Cause
Marc Baizman was extremely valuable to me as a manager, as I knew the planning and teaching of the training was covered from multiple angles.  Project management was taken care of, his technical expertise would surface any issue in our systems, his relationship skills meant the business users felt comfortable their needs were covered, and the training itself was professional, enjoyable, and received rave reviews.

Will Scarbrough
As a fast-growing medical-legal partnership which serves a multitude of stakeholders, we needed help building a database that could offer holistic functions – from case management, to tracking our technical assistance, to meeting the needs of our funders through efficient data reporting. Marc worked closely and effectively with our team to understand our system and workflow and to help design a system that met those needs. We are delighted with the result! We are grateful to Marc for the many changes and efficiencies our Salesforce database has brought to our busy program – and for the patience and creativity he brought to working with our team of “data-fearful” lawyers and paralegals!

Samantha Morton
Medical Legal Partnership | Boston